Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello World!

The idea behind starting this blog was really two-fold. The first was to have a way to put down and present my ideas, work in progress, and thoughts on the Malaysian economy. The structure of a blog would enforce a more disciplined approach to my explorations of economics, as in, I wouldn't put out anything that didn't come across as reasoned, coherent and backed by data. The second reason was to hopefully attract critiques and feedback, that would help me improve on my own understanding of the way the world works, or at least, this little corner of it.

One way I'm hoping to make this more than just another economics blog, is to really focus on econometrics rather than just commentary. I'm continually discovering divergences between what happens in the 'real' world and the predictions of neoclassical theory (which is what most economics majors learn). This journey really began with my graduate studies, with an exposure to different schools of economic thought. I'm eternally grateful for that, as it really opened my eyes to a different way of viewing things, as well as explaining why, despite the elegant models I learned in school, not everyone agrees on the benefits of trade openess or free markets, for example.

Soo...Hello, World.

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