Friday, April 6, 2012

The International Drivers Of Corruption

The OECD has a new publication looking at corruption at an international level and its causes:

International Drivers of Corruption
A Tool for Analysis
OECD Publishing

Corruption and other governance problems result primarily from processes generated within the domestic political economy. There are major international factors, however, that interact with domestic processes: international drivers of corruption. This report introduces an analytical tool to help readers understand how these international drivers of corruption affect governance and corruption at the country level. It provides a means for identifying those drivers that matter most for domestic governance, as well as opportunities for international actors to work more effectively to improve governance in specific country contexts.

I have no idea what's inside the book, but it's supposed to provide an analytical toolkit to identify corruption emanating from international sources and what can be done about it. Unfortunately the OECD, unlike most other multilaterals, tends to charge for their publications (this one’s USD29). Anybody want to buy the book and tell the rest of us what it actual says?


  1. Haha, if you're OK with online reading, the full text is available through the "Free Preview".

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  3. Abbas, thanks.

    Shihong, nice catch.