Saturday, July 10, 2010

Economist Job II

It’s Public Investment Bank this time, but for the higher position of Head Economist. I’m till wrapping my head around the idea that having an MBA qualifies you as an economist (look up this post and the comments).

But given the job description, maybe an MBA is appropriate – your job is to sell, not to accurately describe the economy and the markets. I’ll leave you to imagine what that means for the public discourse, and what that means for customers on the other side of the table.


  1. Perhaps, this is due to misconception of economics by layperson. A lot of people tend to think business is economics and economics is business. It annoys me to no end when I have to explain that economics is larger than business.

    Oh, that second posting is better. A degree in accountancy qualifies oneself as an economist. wonder what an accountant would have to say about real business cycle. That has to be even better than having a PPE and claiming to be an economist.

  2. yup thats true hafiz noor shams...