Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Malaysia’s Population Pyramid

I don’t know how long its been there, but the Department of Statistics now has graphical representations of Malaysia’s population pyramid. The data is from 1970 onwards, and includes estimates up to 2030.

Interesting things to note:  total population should reach 41.2 million by 2030, but the total dependency ratio will still be very high at 59.5% (youth dependency ratio at 46.6%). The sex ratio will also be fairly high at 103 males to 100 females – combine that with a high proportion of the population still in the 20-30 age bracket, we should expect the absolute level of crime to continue to climb, the crime NKRA notwithstanding.

You can access the DOS data here.


  1. Perhaps by then (2030), our high proportion of young can leave the country and work as maids in Vietnam.

  2. Let the men go to Vietnam and work as construction workers instead. The women will be more useful staying put in Malaysia