Friday, February 7, 2014

Aiming For High Wages

There are going to be some scheduling and other changes to my blog posts from now on, as I’m inordinately busy and won’t have as much time to post as I used to. Things will be slow for the next few weeks/months until I get a handle on new responsibilities.

In the meantime, via is some info on the highest paying jobs in Malaysia at different levels of the economy. Hint: doing medicine pays off, but you might be surprised at what really pays at the senior level.


  1. I have just wrote something about what determines the salary of employees which coincidently highly related to this topic.

  2. Wonder why the FX / Money Market Dealers and Brokers not included. They get paid far much better then whats being mentioned in that list.

  3. The results of the survey don't look right to me. I note that the survey was conducted by Jobstreet. I wonder if Jobstreet only attracted certain sectors of employers/employees and hence the results are skewed.

    The reason I said this: entry level engineering positions in O&G MNCs were already in the range of RM 3000-3500 a few years ago. An O&G technical professional with 20+ yrs experience working with the big MNCs can easily earn RM 20 - 30k a month, excluding bonus.

    1. @anon

      Yes, I don't think for one minute that its a fully representative survey. FWIW, we've hinted to EPU that such a survey might be a good idea