Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gender Pay Inequality

This is for the US, but the pay gaps are similar though smaller in Malaysia (excerpt):

Gender Wage Gap in Eight Charts

Most women will never earn as much as men in their lifetimes.

In Wyoming, it will take 144 years for equal pay, according to a recent report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research that looked at trends in women’s employment and earnings. Other states with particularly high disparities included Louisiana, North Dakota and Utah. The state with the shortest wage gap, Florida, was still 23 years. And Washington, D.C. marks the best place for women’s employment and earnings, the report found, perhaps because it is small and urban. Still, the pay imbalance won’t close until 2055.

Tuesday marks national Equal Pay Day, an event from the National Committee on Pay Equity, a nonprofit advocacy group. The date represents how long into 2015 it would take a woman to earn what a man did in 2014.

Women working full-time in the U.S. last year earned 82.5 cents for every dollar a man earned, according to the Labor Department’s weekly wage data. There are disparities across regions and occupations.

The widest gap in weekly earnings came in the legal profession, where women earn 56.7% of what men do. But nearly all jobs have gaps, from chief executive (70%) to food preparation (90.5%).

Here’s the chart from the 2012 Salaries and Wages Survey from DOS:

01_gender gap

My own data, which unfortunately I can’t publish, shows considerable variation across different sectors, with some industries having very large pay gaps (>20%), while a few are near parity.


  1. As we are into all things inequality lately, I guess that this would keep the fanboys and cheerleaders of education being the great equalizer, groping their crotches in exasperated despair and outright shock (Come on all you smug pontificating fuddy duddies read it if you have the cock or clit muscles or shut the eff up):

    And for those thick brained trolls and sundry morons who have no inkling what they are talking about when it comes to redistribution, I suggest they flip through this:

    Jaffrelot, Christoph (2003). India's Silent Revolution: The Rise of the Lower Castes in North India. C. Hurst & Co. Publishers. pp. 131–142. ISBN 978-1850653981.

    or they can trace this extract below to its original source and go from there:

    "Gandhi claimed that only "clear vision, iron will and the strictest discipline" can remove poverty. She justified the imposition of the state of emergency in 1975 in the name of the socialist mission of the Congress. Armed with the power to rule by decree and without constitutional constraints, Gandhi embarked on a massive redistribution program. The provisions included rapid enforcement of land ceilings, housing for landless labourers, the abolition of bonded labour and a moratorium on the debts of the poor. North India was at the centre of the reforms; millions of acres of land were acquired and redistributed. The government was also successful in procuring houses for landless labourers; according to Frankel, three-fourths of the targeted four million houses was achieved in 1975"

    though I seriously doubt they have the brain cells to figure all that out. You see if one is syphilitic-ally damaged on the account of being a slit eyed yellow skinned progeny of a johnjuicing slutbitch and opium/heroin peddling scumbag paramour, then the poor wretch has a ghost's chance of making good in life via the honourable and ethical way. Harry would have all the time in eternity to contemplate all that in the deafening silence of his vaulted purgatory.

    Warrior 231

    1. Why talk about Indira Gandhi?

      Maggie Thatcher did much better in the UK, in case you've forgotten.

      Unless you subscribe to the left-leaning welfare-loving Labour loonies, that is.

      Oh, wait....we have those here too, don't we?

      All making good in life "honourably and ethically".


    2. Hey crazyanon 10.08pm

      Maggi Mee Thatcher?

      The inequality slayer, my arsepit hahahahahahahaahhaha.. stupid fellatist. tiuniamah of a wasted sperm

      Warrior 231

    3. Are you saying that Maggie Thatcher did less for the British economy than the "left-leaning welfare-loving Labour loonies"?

      I think that Maggie T, with her bouffant hair and swinging handbag, did more to get the Brits off their butts and to bust the power of the unions than did the whole bunch of ineffectual Conservative and Labour politicians.

      With her belief in thrift, hard work and education, she put the boots to inbred notions of superiority based on class.

      The British economy certainly benefited from her shock therapy.

      But, of course, those whingeing about "inequality" thought her to be cruel and heartless.

      Not that it bothered her one bit.

      Maybe Malaysia needs a Maggie T-type politician to jolt it out of it's never-ending spiral of race, religion and the economics therefrom.

      Because you don't see any "inequality slayers" in Malaysia now, do you?

    4. And because you chingk shit are effing mofo liars who must have it both ways while you lie through your effing unwashed gob, let me have the honour of undressing Maggie Mee Thatcher so you have the pleasure of sucking her shriveled clit and licking her dawdling arse clean, bastard son of slutbitch!. goes since you asked for it with a bola tanggung as they would put in badminton parlance:

      1)Poverty went up under Thatcher, according to these figures from the Institute for Fiscal Studies. In 1979, 13.4% of the population lived below 60% of median incomes before housing costs. By 1990, it had gone up to 22.2%, or 12.2m people, with huge rises in the mid-1980s.

      2)With it came a huge rise in inequality. This shows the gini coefficient, which is the most common method of measuring inequality. Under gini, a score of one would be a completely unequal society; zero would be completely equal. Britain's gini score went up from 0.253 to 0.339 by the time Thatcher resigned.


      Some inequality slayer was she…sounds more like a self centred Chingk DNAed whore, the kind you like to play with hahaahaha.

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  2. And to tap everyone outta of their income inequality fixations, here is something worth pondering about:

    Would love to add some more on the ethnic nature of that piece but would want to trigger the "anti-racist lynch mob".

    Wonder what a whole bunch of chalk white folks holding 76% of the economy think about their delusions? hahahahahaahaha

    Warrior 231

    1. It wouldn't bother the likes of Bill Gates or the guys who set up Google or Facebook or any of the hedge fund and PE mavens.

      It sounds like you have a serious case of ***** envy, dude....

      Wassamatter - feeling left out or bemoaning the fact that the gravy train has passed you by?


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      Warrior 231

  3. Obviously he isn't a fan of Bill Gates or Maggie Thatcher or Internet millionaires or hedge fund tycoons or overpaid Wall Streeters!

    It must be ****** difficult finding a country that has perfect equality or the least inequality.

    The US, Britain and Australia don't qualify, for sure.

    The Scandinavian countries - possible, if you like high taxes, dreary winters, aquavit and blondes.

    Definitely not Malaysia - rampant inequality perpetuated by you-know-who!

    1. The Gini Coefficient for Malaysia is, it seems, higher than that for the UK or Singapore.

      And thereby hangs a tale.....

      What is surprising is that successive federal governments from the the time of Merdeka have viewed this "inequality conundrum" with apparent equanimity.

      The rhetoric to address inequality only seems to crop up at the start of each election cycle, after which it is back to "business as usual"?

      How many Malaysian politicians and thought leaders are willing to stand up and make "inequality" their cause celebre?

      Very few, as far as I can see.

    2. @anon 4.08

      The Gini for both UK and Singapore are generally quoted post- social transfers, while Malaysia's is pre-transfers (not that BR1M makes that much of a difference). If you look at the Gini of market incomes, the UK is just below and Singapore just above Malaysia.

  4. Its my cause celebre @anon 4.08pm and I know exactly how to deal with it.

    And insyaallah, I will be making my announcement for a run for the premiership in the not too distant future.

    Warrior 231

    1. Ah, have given up on the government to address and resolve this issue of "inequality"?

      That is definitely food for thought.