Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Effective Exchange Rate Indexes: February 2016 Update

The NEER and REER page has been updated.

All indexes showed gains during the month, with the Broad NEER gaining 2.3 points to 86.81 (p), and the Broad REER gaining 2.5 points to 88.12 (p). The Ringgit recorded gains against all index component currencies in February. On a trade weighted basis, the biggest factors contributing to the increase in the indexes were gains against the CNY, USD, SGD and KRW.


  1. All indexes have been updated to February 2016, with revisions from October 2015 onwards
  2. Trade weights have been updated for the 4Q2015 onwards
  3. CPI deflators have been updated for all countries up to December 2015, with many countries up to January 2016

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