Thursday, September 8, 2016

Effective Exchange Rate Indexes: August 2016 Update

The NEER and REER page has been updated.


The last three months have seen some stability for the Ringgit, with the strong bounce up from April eventually losing steam. Over August, both the nominal and real broad indexes are roughly 3 points down from the April peak, and a point down from July. Relative to April, the Ringgit weakened against the currencies of all maor trade partners, with the understandable exception of the GBP.



  1. Indexes have been updated to August 2016
  2. CPI deflators and forecasts have been updated for July/August 2016
  3. Change of CPI deflator for Japan (from 2010=100 to 2015=100). This caused some revisions to the entire time series for both Broad and Narrow indexes

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